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Spirit Balls

Spirit balls were originated in 18th century England. It was believed that evil spirits were attracted by their beauty and when the spirit touched the ball, they were forever entrapped in the glass veins within the ball.

The spirit balls are about the size of a grapefruit and come with a metal table stand and are quite beautiful and unique as a gift or keepsake. $44.95 each

Gazing Balls

These Gazing balls are hand-made. Larger than typical gazing balls with a 12 inch diameter and they come with a metal stand ready for the garden. Each one is hand-made and unique! $99.95


We stock Woodstock Chimes and Music of the Spheres chimes. We sell these chimes because they are tuned to play specific notes and not just clatter in the wind. These chimes are top quality and each has its own warranty. Prices range from $39.95, $49.95, $59.95, $99.95 and $139.95.

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We carry a wide assortment of patterns from two manufacturers of afgans. Also known as "throws", each measures approximately 40 inches by 64 inches. Priced boxed is $59.95. If you would like to send one mounted on an easel for viewing at a funeral home they are priced at $79.95 including the easel. Click for more afgans

Lots of other cool gifts too.

More Gifts!

More outdoor garden gifts like the Wine Bottle Windchime pictured at right for $69.95. Hand-made from fused wine bottles.

This is a handmade spoon angel crafted from vintage spoons and forks to make a beautiful keepsake. Each one is unique. $59.95